Do you shy away from strength training for your running?

Not sure where or how to start, don’t want to get big or muscly, or don’t think it’s for you?

If you are a regular runner then you will know that strength training for runners has many benefits, but where to start without injuring yourself even more?

Let’s start with strength training for runners without using weights but just your body weight.

Strength training for Runners

Runners love to run, and not running is non-negotiable until you get an injury. This tends to be the time when most runners start to think about doing strength training. Sound familiar? But why wait until you get an injury? Strength training for runners not only reduces the risk of injury, but getting stronger will help to improve your running performance and technique.

This is where Pilates for Runners comes in as a great way to start your strengthening journey.

Why Pilates?

Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility and mobility, which, for most runners, are essential to get us moving well. Pilates is low impact, so great for rest days. Doing Pilates regularly for 10 minutes a day means it doesn’t need to take up the time you want to be running.

Check out the blog Pilates for Runners – Strength for Better performance where I chat about the relationship between running and Pilates. You can read it here.

Core strengthening exercises for runners

Let’s start with core strengthening exercises. We know that a strong core is central to running well. Strengthening the pelvis ensures it is stable during the running movement.

Try these two exercises which are a great starting point for strength training for runners at home.

The Shoulder Bridge

Woman in shoulder bridge position

The shoulder bridge is my go-to exercise, for mobility and core strength.

The movement is great for spinal mobility, plus core and glute strength, essential for runners.

If you are beginner then start this exercise slowly and build up, once you are use to this there are variations to make the shoulder bridge more challenging using your body weight.

The Press Up

Woman in press up position.

I love this exercise as it works the whole body, core, upper body, back & chest, arms as well as glutes.

People shy away from the press up but it you take one exercise away from this blog, this is the one to bring into your strength training for runners at home routine.

Forget about how others do it. You can start on your knees, and you don’t need to touch the floor with your chest until you have built up upper body strength. Doing 10 press ups a day to start will start to make a difference. Why not give it a go?

If you join us on the next Get Stronger: Run a Faster 5K course, then you will learn to love a press up!

Strength training for runners at home without weights

Try this short Pilates for Runners workout. No equipment needed, just you and a mat.

If adding strength to your running routine hasn’t been top of your list, then I hope you give these Pilates for Runners ideas a go and see how different you feel. Do them consistently so you start to strengthen for your running. 10-minutes a day alongside your running is a great use of your time, rather than sitting on the injury bench where you will probably be doing these exercises anyway set by your physio!

Louise x