Get stronger for a faster 5K


Are you plateauing in your running, and training but not getting any faster?

Do you need to mix up your training a bit?

Unsure what kind of strength training to add in, or how often to do it?

Would you benefit from the structure of a training plan to keep you motivated?

Need some accountability from a qualified, experienced running coach and personal trainer?

Fed up with suffering constant niggles which never get any better, even after rest?


Get Stronger, Run a Faster 5k

Over the 11 week course, UK Athletics qualified running coach Michelle Mortimer, PT and Pilates for Runners instructor Louise Humphrey from Studio 44 Pilates will guide you through a structured training plan encompassing running sessions and strength and mobility workouts, taking all the guesswork out of your training.

As part of the course, you will receive:

A training plan with running and strength workouts, designed by an experienced running coach and PT, with the goal of improving your 5k.

Access to a private Facebook group with your fellow course participants, with support from Louise and Michelle, on hand to answer any questions.

Access to a private Strava group for extra kudos!


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