Getting back into Running after injury


Have you lost your running mojo, been injured, no goal for your training, but want to get back to your running?


If you’ve been nodding along to these questions, it’s time to lace up those running shoes and reignite your passion for the sport. The journey back to becoming a consistent and motivated runner starts here, with the “Get Stronger, Run a Faster 5K” course. Not only will this program provide you with the necessary resources to rekindle your love for running, but it will also give you a concrete goal to train for. With the support and guidance of experienced coaches Michelle and Louise, as well as a community of fellow participants, you’ll find the motivation and accountability you need to succeed.


Why Strength Training Matters for Runners


Do you want to build strength training into your routine, but have no idea where to start? The world of strength training can seem overwhelming, with questions about what exercises to do and how to do them. But it’s crucial for runners, as it helps prevent injuries, perfect for running after injury and improving running form, and enhances overall performance by staving off early fatigue.


That’s where “Pilates for Runners” comes into play. This programme is the ideal starting point to prepare your body for strength training. It focuses on improving flexibility, balance, and core strength, all of which are essential for the runner   getting back to running after injury. Pilates also targets and strengthens those muscles that are often underutilised in running, reducing the risk of injuries. Moreover, it enhances overall body awareness and control, resulting in better running form and efficiency.


Overcome Running Plateaus with Expert Guidance


Plateaued with your running, and seeing no improvements? Don’t worry; this is a common challenge for many runners. However, there’s a solution: a running coach. A running coach can be your secret weapon, helping you plan out your training, offering motivation and accountability, advising when to rest, providing guidance on technique, and ultimately guiding you toward your running goals more efficiently.


During the 11 weeks of the “Get Stronger, Run a Faster 5K” course, you’ll receive comprehensive support to reinvigorate your running routine. Each week, you can expect:

  • 3 targeted running sessions
  • 1 Pilates for Runners session
  • A daily strength challenge.

All you need to do is structure your week to fit these sessions in, and our team will provide valuable feedback to keep you on track. The course unfolds within a private Facebook group, where Michelle and Louise are readily available to answer any questions, you might have about the sessions.


Don’t let your running aspirations gather dust. Take the first step toward revitalising your running journey with the “Get Stronger, Run a Faster 5K” course. It’s time to embrace your love for running, build strength, and break through those plateaus with expert guidance. Join our community of passionate runners and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a stronger, faster, and happier runner.

This could be you, with structure, guidance, and consistency, you can be smashing those PBs this summer.

Stacey, a Canicrosser and regular runner who is currently nearing the end of our January course, raced this weekend, and here is what she had to say:

“Ziggy and I got a 5K PB this weekend and I got a season’s best! Considering the difficulty of the [race] course today, I felt good. Thank you – it’s making a difference.”